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OUR MISSION is to help nations, leaders and corporations build their global influence, catalyze innovation and lead the global exchange of IDEAS.
OUR DREAM is to improve the global economy through a committed community of leaders dedicated to job creation for the NEXT GENERATION
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Leadership in the 21st century is not as much about creating knowledge, as it is about being able to organize it, contextualize it and from it, derive informed and inspired insights. Armed with our understanding of different cultures and our ability to recognize future trends, we work with our clients to develop and execute programs that innovatively catalyze their agenda.

Information is our asset and our team is our backbone to create:

The New York ForumThe New York Forum AfricaThe Doha GOALS ForumBUILD Africathe Global Food Security ForumThe Dialogue for ActionThe Albert Schweitzer SymposiumThe Forum Economique de la FrancophonieGlobal Entrepreneurship Summit 2014

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Our Ecosystem

The New York Forum Institute

Our Advisory Services are provided through the New York Forum (NYF) Institute, a not for profit foundation. We focus on the flow of capital to emerging economies, capturing and creating value in the globalized economy for our members.

Leveraging our deep-seated, long-term relationships, developed over years of connecting senior leaders from the private and public sector, we fundamentally understand what's required to enter the high growth, high potential economies of the Global South.

We work closely with global companies and countries looking to facilitate investments into these regions, particularly emerging countries to support jobs creation.

This is done through strategic follow up, and working to ensure that conversations are converted into commitments.

We are particularly well positioned given our extensive knowledge of the local counterparties in the countries where we operate.

Founder & Team

Richard Attias has built an unrivaled reputation for advising global leaders, corporations and nations on how to build their global influence, catalyze innovation, and mobilize populations. He has provided clients across sectors with hands on assistance in: branding and strategic communications, the development of public-private partnerships, and investment in emerging markets.

This talent for anticipating and managing the most pressing issues of our time, activating global networks, and inspiring innovation is based on his unique experience curating communities of senior leaders, developed over decades with leading platforms that he produced, including: The New York Forum and The New York Forum AFRICA; the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos; the Clinton Global Initiative, the Nobel Laureates Conference and the Doha Goals Forum to name a few.

Before establishing Richard Attias & Associates, now part of WPP, Attias served as advisor to the Emirate of Dubai where he devised a comprehensive branding strategy for the Government. Prior to that, Richard started his career at IBM, then founded several companies in the IT Industry and in the Global Communications field. He also spent a decade at the media conglomerate Publicis Groupe, where he most recently served as Executive Chairman of Publicis Events Worldwide and designed more than 1,000 events for global corporations.

A global citizen originally from Morocco, Attias completed his studies in civil engineering and earned a master’s degree in mathematics and physics. He has lived in France, Switzerland, Japan, Dubai and the United States.

His Public Sector clients have included: the African Development Bank, Bahrain, Brazil, China, Dubai, France, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Jordan, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Tunisia, UAE, UK, United Nations and USA.

His Private Sector clients have included: Avaya, EDF, IBM, Lenovo, L'Oreal, IBM, Airbus, The New York Times, Renault Nissan, Sanofi-Aventis and Sony.


Headquartered in New York City since 2009, Richard Attias & Associates is made up of a globally minded and culturally diverse team of experienced professionals. We have over 200 years of cumulative expertise in building innovative live initiatives, speaker and audience engagement, thought leadership, business journalism, strategic marketing and communication, branding, project management, production and logistics. Our staff have graduated from many of the worlds top schools including Columbia, Harvard, HEC, the London School of Economics, Oxford, Princeton and Yale.



The Development Factor: The Challenge of Sport in the 21st Century Published on 04 Nov. 2014Sport occupies a peculiar place in world dynamics in that it surpasses the limitations of geographical boundaries and social classes.Still, a gap remains between developed and developing nations when it comes to sport. In the industrialized world, sport as an economic sector represents approximately 2% of GDP. For developing economies, though, the challenge remains making sport a factor of economic development, and a driver for social change, so it benefits all citizens in the long term.UNESCO's 1978 International Charter of Physical Education and Sport classified sport as "a fundamental right(...)
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Big Data: la prochaine révolution du sport
Published on 10 Sept. 2014Le Big Data est en train de transformer la société en profondeur et le sport, ombre portée des évolutions de notre société, n'échappe pas à la règle. Bien sûr, le sport de haut niveau a toujours utilisé les statistiques mais les dernières innovations dans le domaine des données vont entraîner une véritable révolution.Une nouvelle expérience pour les fansL'utilisation massive des données devrait apporter une rupture dans deux domaines. Tout d'abord, elle va transformer la façon dont les amateurs apprécient le sport. Les supporteurs modernes cherchent une expér(...)
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Big Data: The next revolution of sport
Published on 10 Sept. 2014Big Data– the aggregation and analysis of data to optimize performance– is transforming modern society. Sport, which has always served as a reflection of society, is no exception. While calculations have been employed since the dawn of athletics, the latest innovations in data are poised to trigger a revolution.A new experience for fansBig Data in sports affects two major groups: fans and teams. For the former, the use of Big Data has provided a new experience– one they are happy to soak up. Fans interact in real time with teams and players via Twitter feeds, Facebook a(...)
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Sécheresse en Californie : le temps du sursaut pour l’Amérique?
Published on 18 Aug. 2014Peu médiatisée en France, la sécheresse qui touche depuis plus de trois ans régulièrement la Californie a un large impact aux Etats-Unis et est en train de faire bouger les mentalités des Américains en matière de réchauffement climatique. Une prise de conscience tardive qui pourrait changer la donne au niveau mondial. Le “Golden State” est en train de se transformer en “dust state” sous l’effet d’une interminable sécheresse, symbole de plus en plus concret de la réalité d’un réchauffement climatique trop longtemps nié par une partie de la classe polit(...)
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Global Watch: a red card to racism in sport
Published on 12 Jun. 2014In early June, as many of the world’s great national teams and players were warming up for the carnival that is World Cup 2014, another sporting summit was taking shape far away from Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Maracana Stadium. On June 5, many political and athletic leaders came together in Doha, Qatar, to establish the Global Watch initiative. Their goal? To show a red card to racism and discrimination in sport. Since its inception, the Global Watch initiative has grown exponentially in size and influence. Spurred by Tokyo Sexwale, the former South African Minister of Human Se(...)
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